Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ok up dates pic. time

after the 4th surgery

She had to have Tracheotomy. and she have being pretty good on it she getting big 5lbs 5.9 oz

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Today update

Besides all the other stuff that is going on, she had her 18th blood transfusion. I checked on her around 10pm like always do wean i call the NICU she had some liquid leaking with blood in her umbilical cord where the surgery site was. everything is all good.

I have a big girl today- she weighed 5 lbs today!

Day after surgery

Well, not so good, she has a right lung that is calapsed. She is having a test run, she is heavily sedated and on antibiotics. the next day she had a problem with her intestines shutting down from the surgery, so her the intestines were slowing down from the surgery. the nurse had to insert a tube to suction any liquid that was in there. And the test came back negative for infection.

ok up date from Surgery day

OK surgery day started rushing in to the hospital because she got move to first after the other 2 was cancel.. 1 from a no show to the 2 thy eat. So Faith first thy call me at home telling me that i need it rush in. Surgery lasted a 1hr 40 mt. he say that everything went well. she was 4 lbs. 11oz