Friday, April 18, 2008

Expecting a Baby!

Oh My Goodness today I went to the hospital because I was having pain and find out that I was Expecting a baby our first baby thank you God we waited so long for this..... it will be a Christmas gift.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The 8 Kids....

Well we have a total of 8 kids.... 6 from my side and 2 from his side... I love having these kids because it's so easy, I didn't give birth to them and you can always send them home or just leave the house! And you don't get early wake up don't have worry about freedom 24/7, only your own of course. They are all my brothers' and sister's kids...we don't have kids... so we call them our kids.. especially me. I spend a lot of time with them. The oldest will be 13 this year, and the youngest will be 1. Even though I love them, they often remind me sometimes why I should not have kids..... and sometimes they remind me what I'm missing. So let's start talking about each of them...OK, Francisco has 2 kids named Yassmen and George....Yassmen is so tall and so beautiful. She wants to play basketball.... she's 5'5 now (and only 12 years old!) She's very girl and so interesting to watch or hear talk about her friends and school. .oh yeah and boys...which is very funny how she picks her boys...I still see her as baby face in my head...OK about baby George, (this is what we call him since my other brother's name is D'George). He is shy and loves playing video games. I think that's why he loves his uncle Kevin so much, and loves spending time with him...I guess because he knows that he will get to play video games all day with him...he loves basketball, but video games come first to him. He is very good at math and science. He makes me laugh with his jokes, he so funny...but he has a battle with all the girls in the family.....good luck George ..OK from Dusska, she only has one son, Joshua. He will be 2 soon. He loves his mommy and titi (which is me...they all call me TITI)...I remember the day I was there helping my sister while she was having him in the hospital (I was one of coaches that day) He was so small, he was 5 wk early....he was a preemie baby. I went with him to the nursery when he was delivered to check his vitals and take all the tests a preemie has to take to make sure he was healthy. In the ICU he was the healthy one .Joshua was doing good breathing on his own, which we were very thankful for since he was so early. This was an experience that I will always remember. My sister was very sick during her pregnancy with preeclampsia.. she was in very bad shape. Somehow Joshua came out on his own without her having to be induced. It was sad that my parents couldn't have been there. But we made a call to Panama that day and they got to hear everything that was going on in the room...which was nice...Now he is on the move with his terrible 2's! He loves playing's all about mommy! OK, D'George and Heather have 3 Girls. Victoria is 6 and is in kindergarten. It's funny to hear her speak Spanish, this girl has no accent when she speaks Spanish. She is all about being the princess...very girl. She can make you laugh when she comes home from school, and then drives you crazy....she is so Ita Baby (they call my mom "Ita") OK Hailey is 3, she is so special. She loves everything to do with Cars, Thomas the Engine, Dora, and her boyfriend Diego...I love to hear her talk in Spanish when she watches TV. She is so smart..she loves her sister and she is a Mommy's Girl. She has big brown eyes that just sparkle and she loves changing clothes like crazy! She likes to play on the computer, which she knows how to use pretty good for a 3yr old kid. OK, and the last of the princesses is the quiet one, the one that don't make a fuss about anything, Makenzie. She will be 1yr old soon. She so cute and to watch her grow is nice. She loves her Daddy time. She has beautiful eyes, she loves dancing, and play with her toys. She is learning how to walk and she loves the bath. Ok, now my husband's side which I don't get to spend a lot of time with ....there's Kelvin who is 6. and he loves spending time on the computer and the Xbox, any video game, and loves playing football and his neighbor. OK, Justin is 3.... he loves playing with his toys and with his older brother. That's all my kids that God has blessed me with until he gives me my own baby's to talk about...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wedding Date 12-27-03

OK, we have every thing ready for the big day. My grandma came down from Panama with my it was a big deal for me to have some family from Panama to be here on my big day. Back when we were wedding dress shopping, I was OK with the first dress I tried on. Now, for those of you who don't know me, I am not the type of girl that likes the whole "trying on clothes" thing. So my mom decides to make me try on 6 more dresses. After purchasing the FIRST dress I tried on, we noticed that the flowers looked like poinsettias on the dress. And this was perfect because I was getting married in December at Laue Garden. So the morning of the big day my wake up call was 5am...don't ask ......I take a long time to get ready. My hair appointment was at 7am so my Dad drove to the wedding site.. it was a beautiful wedding day- sunny- not too cold. Unfortunately, the bridesmaids had spaghetti straps dresses in middle of December. So as we all know, weddings never start on time. My makeup lady was a hour late, she said she had forgotten about it after we called her. So, at this point I am still trying to keep my cool. So then I hear that the people that set up the tables in the banquet hall didn't put enough tables. And then it's time to walk down the would think the DJ would know what music to play, but unfortunately he did not, so I ended up walking down the aisle to a song I can't even remember with my Dad.. I see all my family and friends that traveled to the wedding. You know that you don't remember you wedding all the way OK, so thank God for a friend who video taped it...and there was a helicopter overhead so no one could hear our vows.....All I can say is it was cold and i was just in a peaceful moment through the wedding..... OK my Bishop did the wedding... I remember taking pictures after the ceremony. The food at the reception was great.. the cake I'm assuming was OK because the only piece I had was when we cut the cake....when I went later to get a piece it was all gone...I do remember our first dance....I finally found a song by Barbara Streisand and one by Brian Adams....The one from Titanic was not a choice.... OK question how you know which one is your song.. the song that was playing during the first kiss, the one when you met, the one from the first movie you saw? OK..I don't know. OK, for the Daddy dance, my dad picked the song so it was country music, my dad's was nice because I asked him to pick the song that he wanted to dance to. Everyone seemed to have had fun.. OK, so we went back home to change...and get ready to go, we ended up staying a while before we left for the night...OK you know when someone gives you words of wisdom? During the wedding I got a lot of them...but the precious one and the funniest I will give it to my Grandma , but I won't be sharing that with you because it was rated R!! Let's just say that it involved the words "it'll hurt" and "keep going". I just said OK Grandma and left outside to laugh my butt off...I told Kevin and he said OK! .. We stayed in a hotel for the night. Then, we dove to a football game to seethe Miami Dolphins play... ummm yeah, not too romantic... but that's what Kevin wanted and he had to get back to return to work, as he only had 2 days off. (yeah his job sucked!!!) Well it was nice while it lasted!

Engagement Date

Well it was September 21, 2001, my birthday, the day he proposed to me.
OK, my version is i was sleeping and he came to my room and sat beside my bed and showed me the ring...OK that's what I remember...of course we went to eat because it was my B-day....we went to red lobster with friends and family... Now this is Kevin's version ....He says he asked me at the restaurant in front of everyone.... how come I don't remember that? Beats me.....well I guess we have 2 stories we can tell our kids one day... I had a Sapphire engagement ring....well then he got me another engagement ring, so yes girl-- I have 2 rings! OK it was a fun day, especially after 9/11 being 10 days prior. With 9/11 happening, I had lots of thoughts on my mind. After 6 years of dating, he just finished UCF.. so it was time to become Mrs. Campbell...OK we set a date for September 27, 2002.....OK get ready for this, it didn't go as planned. Kevin's job could not let him have that date, so that date was not happening so we sat around waiting for another good date to appear.....the things you do for love. So finally a year passed by, and we set a date for December 27, 2003. Now this date we could not tell if it was going to be good or bad because it was 2 days after Christmas, and was my brother's B-Day we also had 2 friends that needed to come from out of state for the wedding. But decided that would be our date and choose the place sent the invitations....

How we met....

Well, if you think God doesn't answer prayers, your wrong..prayers were answered that day. I just went through a hard breakup and went to see my mom. As I was crying, she sat me down and told me we had to pray. She asked God to bring me a soul mate that he had chosen for her. I was only 19 and a wedding was not really on my mind. The next day I had a doctor appointment and came home to find my sister and with her boyfriend. Then, as we were talking, the doorbell rang. I got up to answer the door and as not expecting what I saw I said "Mom there's a Big Black Man asking for Dusska (my sister)". As bad as it sounds, seeing him at the door was a bit of a shock. So he comes in and sits with us and doesn't say a word to me. My sister's birthday was coming and we all decided to get family and friends together to go eat at our favorite restaurant. So my sister's birthday comes and when were all waiting to be seated, my mom and I overheard the "guys" talking saying "let them sit next to each other"....meaning me and my sister's boyfriend's friend and myself. My mom was not too happy about this. My mom and I went to the restroom and when we returned we were being seated and everyone scattered to make sure we were seated together. I remember someone introducing us and we shook hands, but I don't remember much more. We were both pretty speechless. The food was great and then we decided to go to the movies where we were forced to sit next to each other, yet again. I was trying to ask myself what kind of guy I wanted to date..............and black was not one of them. Well, to those of you out there who have mom's that have told you "never say never"......yeah.....So we are watching the movie (which I can only remember parts of--it was Speed 2) and our knees collided...I felt so bad that I froze my leg and didn't move it the rest of the movie. When the movie was over, we were outside saying goodbye, exchanged a few words, and I gave him a hug. As I turned around to walk away, he grabbed my hand and I said "what are you doing?" he said "I don't want to let you go". I know ....awe!! All I can remember is the clothes he was wearing and the scent of his cologne. We started talking a lot and about a month later we were talking about 3am and he asked me to be his girl, I thought to myself "this has to be a sign because it was September 29th, my grandpa's birthday", so I said yes. In the 6 years we dated, it was hard with him going to school and me in and out of the hospital....but we managed to get married and we have been together for 10 years now. So, in my eyes, yes, God does answer prayers!!!!!!!