Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ok! the week not is not ending..

So this is how it all started. 4/25/09 - 4/30/09 Sat. 8:30 am.
Faith turn blue and her body was ice cold . I suctioned her out 5 times her oxygen level was 51% after I suctioned her she came up to 100%.
3:15pm She turned blue again. Her oxygen was 71% her body was ice cold I suctioned her 2 times ,she came back 100%. I call the Dr.
3:45pm and told him what is going on. He said take her to night light pediatric office. I went there, the Dr. came after being in the Night Light Pediatrics office 30mins later to say she doesn't treat vent babies.The doctor called 911 for Faith to transport her to the Hospital. The paramedics didn't even know how to work with a baby that has a Vent. great!!! so we are at the hospital now she is being her self. you see she looks healthy. the Dr. came to say she look good so we will just keep her over night to monitor Faith. I said OK good. The doctors ran some tests that came back with Pneumonia. great that will make the stay in the Hospital longer.. so we are going to PICU .
12:00am Sunday...Faith was acting little strange being very fussy.. They were saying to the nurse in the room they were looking at Faith and we talking how beautiful she looked. Faith made a sound of a pig squeal sound. I was laughing then Faith got very agitated I tried to calm her down. I grabbed her and say faith come down she scratch my face and I asked her why did you scratch my face? As soon as I said that she pull her head back. I saw her TRACH was OUT.. Oh No I yelled to the nurse her TRACH is out... I laid her back in the bed trying to take her band to get trach out when I saw that my finger was cover with blood. She was bleeding refusing to wear her trach. She turned blue and stopped breathing. They called CODE Blue. Every one rush in to Faith's room. A minute passed Faith was dropping her heart rate to 12. Her oxygen was 20% no pulse.They started CPR. nothing one shot of Epinephrine. Nothing. continue CPR. Couldn't put trach back there was too much blood coming out. Suctioned , put the trach back bagged her continue CPR on Faith. They kept saying while I watched her slip away need to start counting. We need to star counting the nurse said loud. 2nd Epinephrine before that can be injected in her she came back. It seemed time was passing by but she was dead for almost 2 minutes. I think my face was in disbelief. while this was happening I kept thinking I came with a pneumonia, I'm not living with out her. Until this day I sit next to her in the hospital room she was still bleeding but not that much . so tomorrow she goes to the OR, to see what the cause of her bleeding and why her lungs were filled with blood. the ENT Dr. is doing a procedure to go inside of her throat. so my readers this has been my life thanking God that he brought back my baby girl Faith back to me.