Friday, May 20, 2011

Up Date Feb.11

Well has ben a long time I have up date you guys... let see we spent some ICU time Faith cath 3 nasty viruse that was just not making her breathing easy , Faith was Icu for 8 days , with allot prayer and Mother pushing the doc to change her antibotics for something that work for her... wel Faith had crup , in her airway, pnumonia, adrinovirus in her sstomach, she was in O2 and hilio combination oxygen wit the high fever of 104.. that we had to do ice cold bad in the icu room with calling all the team because faith toke a crash that thy didn't expected, I was ready to let them intubad her, I just cudend wash her suffering to breath... is was the hardes thing to do make that decession, but i know thta was will better for her lung to get a rest and her body to heal it self back... well Faith make a recover after all the med IV X-ray.. thank God!!