Monday, October 27, 2008

3lbs 2 1/2 oz

well she getting big. Today thy give her more blood to help her to get ready to take her tube out.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

she mad at mommy!

Well I got there very late around 3pm. Normality I carry her around 12pm or 1pm.
OK so I didn't get to do that so I mess up the routine with her (bad mommy).
Well she was mad. Her sat was bad she was not happy at all all day. So I tell the day nurse to tell the night nurse that I will kangaroo at night time.
well I didn't get to do that because the nurse was busy until 9:20pm.
As soon I got to hold her she got quiet. the stat was good, the nurse was impress. She was bad all day. I try to tell them she mad at me. Thy wanted to give her pills so she can relax her, I say no she just mad. Thy explain that it will be good for her if she relax so she can go to sleep and grow etc. RT guy say she having like cardiac arrest. Moore like hart attack episode, little one but thy will monitor for her high hart rate she getting. It us to be from lows 130 to high 175 on the hart after last time, know is from the lows 178 to 220. Wish I don't know what is going on with her hart.
Tomorrow will see haw she will handle again the c-pad wish is schedule for Tuesday or Wednesday.
Hopefully she will take it this time. I just have allot of friend that meet at the NICU that gone with there baby this wk.
I just wish that going to be us one of this day soon!!!! but I just wish them well. It least I just got 1 Moore left that area left wish we lough allot cry with our problems, so thanks "T" for being a friend to this journey we have with our baby.
I just need faith to do well this wk.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

What a Diva!

Well today got report that she did good at physical therapy.
Well is time for me to kangaroo again. Not long after that happening she start it acting up. Like she wanted to change position. She pick up her head try to change to the other side, keep and main that her tube is tape to my shoulder and i call the nurse for help we change her head to the other side. Not 5mnt pass by she try to move down her leg was at the right side of my body wile her head was going left side of my shoulder. I ask her what are you doing?. Well she move all the way to my breast. I don't know what she was looking for but some how she in up in that area. I star it holding her like that.
All the nurse lough because she was acting like diva. Is her way or no way at all.
She just wanted to be laying next to my bosom.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bath time

So after all the rough day we had she get to be clean.
She hate to be washed over her body, but wean you get to wash her hair she is fine and loving it.

when i see my daugter fading away from me

Yesterday, they got started to change her breathing tube for another one. She didn't do so good. She was very unstable with her breathing and she will be back but not for long. When they thought that everything going well, the nurse left the room and I got to be with her. Two minutes pass wend she stop breathing her heart drop to 13 and her oxygen was 20 and dropping as well. I see her gasp for air and shaking like she was looking for air and shaking so hard they all rush in to intubate her again and try to keep her life until thy can finish putting her tube back in. She went into cardiac arrest and she haven't come off that. Her heart rate some time will go 220 which is too high for her. Her oxygen is doing good so the Dr. want to try again next Friday. Hopefully she can do better. I do want her to get off the breathing tube so she can move forward and be home that being my day yesterday and today is just watching her fight for her life is any body watch a child gasp for air like there nothing left there it was very hard and sad I keep replaying that action she did in my head. hopefully can replace it with something else.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Well today was very good day she had her eye open all day she very good girl! thy will try the cpad again this wk hope it goes well.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

more to love

Faith is getting big she wight is know 1262grams ( 2lbs 11.6 oz ) she had to had blood transfusion yesterday because she growing and doing all the test need to put more blood on her she was slowing like a Balloon, she look very bad after that blood. but she had my hart she was mammy girl today.
She doing good!. I wish soon that she can be 4lbs so we can go home, hopefully for Christmas.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

big girl!

OK today was very nice and normal day for Faith. She weight know 1141 grams wish means 2lbs 8oz

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fat is the new word!

ok well Faith doing well after her injury is drying up she got special tape that will not hurt her and that the skin can breath.
She so beautiful. She also is getting big yesterday she was 2lbs 6.5oz so my baby is eating her milk almost 2oz.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

So that is the dilemma I had today

OK month latter and she weight 2lbs 4oz 15inch long
Anyways, the nurse, well more like the RT, wish is the respiratory nurse she had a clear tape that they put to secure her lines and breathing tube supposed to protect her skin correct. Well, she put her tube out early yesterday morning and I didn’t notice this until 6pm that day. The girl pulled the skin off her face and they tell me she bled but it stopped. They tape her back again with the skin hanging by her ear with tape I was so mad that 5 times it happened. The other one was smaller and this is big. I tell their supervisor this is the last draw I have. She didn’t use common sense to stop and not keep going. I hope thy just stop using that tape

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pound for Pound....She's the CHAMP

OK people, today i got a big surprise. I was washing my hands and looking at the board in her room. I saw the number 913 written on it. I went to the nurse and asked, "You're kidding right?". She finally hit the 2 pound mark. She was fighting with me all day today. There was lots of kicking....and squirming. Other than that, today was a good day.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Today's Update

Well today was a relaxing day in the hospital. She lost weight again so hope fully next week she get that weight back. No accidents happened today. She did pretty good today i hope tomorrow to will be like this again. Tonight they weighed her again and she was at 1lb. 15oz.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

when you baby show she love you!

well yesterday it was big day for Faith. They try to give her chance for her to breathe on her own but she only lasted 45 minutes on the CPAP machine. They need it to incubate her again. It was hard to see her stop breathing 15 times. I cried because she was not acting like her self and that day i found out that 3 babies died the night before. Well she is fine now and doing much better. She doesn't have any iv's in her arms. she only have breathing tube and the feeding tube right. OK today i got to kangaroo and she show me how much she love me by pooping all over inside my shirt. My bra and shirt were covered with it. She know how much i love her. She is look very big now.