Monday, May 18, 2009

Faith Pic.

late update

So the ENT doctor did Faith bronchioscopy and see that her airway is too narrow and that why she can't breath with out the trach. So she needs dis contraction surgery to repair her airway. So this is her next big surgery. This is the one that I am most scared off. So that is where Faith stands right know... waiting for a surgery that make her way of life easier. So now we wait to hear when this will take place.

Faith doing so well she striving in her weight, and growing fine. She is also learning new stuff. She rolls over better when she is asleep than awake for some reason. She love standing up with help. Sitting is getting in there. She needs more strength in her back and she will be all good. She can't talk that much because of her trach so no noise comes out in that area but she can make little sounds that i can pick up when she need help. She love laughing and smiling. I can believe its been 9 months since she came to my life and we have struggled and still continue to struggle but she is worth the lack of sleep. So keep us in your prayers.